Peaceful, relaxing, instrumental piano music written and performed by Larry Skye


I am a Canadian musician, composing and performing contemporary instrumental piano music that I hope will relax you and take you places you've never been before.
After many unsuccessful attempts to learn how to read music, I said to myself... "You can't be THEORYous!".   I eventually discovered that I had the ability to play piano by ear, and that discovery allowed me to begin composing and recording music.
Now… I know what you're thinking... but... we're not talking about elevator music here!
My goal has always been to create melodies that are memorable.  Quite memorable.   In fact, I love it when I see people humming my songs long after the songs are over.  That tells me I've done my job.  I also see people more relaxed after listening to my music, and I like that too.  My music does not have lyrics, but it does "speak" to your own words.  
Thank you very much for enjoying my music on Bandcamp, and I look forward to connecting with you at
Larry Skye
Member of SOCAN.


© 2020 Larry Rosen 

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